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The inviting lush green valleys, proud mountain ranges in its wild form and scintillating pine covered slopes enables honeymoon couples to enjoy the pristine beauty of Dalhousie hill station. Dalhousie has an altitude that ranges between 1,525 mtr to 2,378 mtr above the sea level. The quiet picturesque town of Dalhousie is interspersed with the colonial-era buildings, low roofed stalls and hotels. This quiet quaint town of Dalhousie is intermingled with the buildings of colonial-era, low roofed stalls and hotels. Being named after Lord Dalhousie, Viceroy of India, this hill station offers extensive view of blue mountain ranges also. It is the picturesque surroundings and marvelous views that add to the celebration of honeymoon here. In fact the couples will definitely get that privacy and coziness that is required in honeymoon holidays. Some of the exotic locations to check out in Dalhousie are:

Bakrota Hills: Standing at a height of 2085mtr and on a distance of 4km from the city, Bakrota hills offer beautiful view of Deodar forests overlying. A swift walk through its curvy roads by exploring scintillating valleys is something of a unique experience for honeymoon couples. Soul invigorating pure mountain air revives the honeymoon couples at every turn and this would tend to mix up your heart with that of nature. In fact, the breathtaking views would make honeymoon couple realize the majestic power of nature.

Bakrota hills

St. Francis Church: Being an important monument located on Subhash Chowk, this building was constructed in 1894 with the contribution of British Army officers and civilians. Its main attraction is the beautiful stone work and intricate glass work that adds to the beauty of the church's interiors, which seems to be designed on the basis of England's church.

St. Patrick's Church: Located at a distance of 2km from the main bus stand, it is known to the biggest and largest church of Dalhousie. With a seating capacity of 300 people in the prayer hall, the church was built with the contribution of British Army officers with world class interiors.

st Patrick Church

St. Andrews Church: Popularly known as "Church of Scotland", it was built in 1903 at Baloon by the protestant christens. Located one and a half kilometer away from the town's bus stand, this scintillating church offers excellent view of overlying hills and creates a heavenly atmosphere.

Panchphulla: This is the place where freedom fighter, Sardar Ajit Sigh breathed his last. He was the uncle of Martyr Bhagat Singh. Here, his "Samadhi" is being made that also has a natural tank and water flowing under small bridges. The way to this picturesque spot also has Satdhara springs with gushing water that adds to the overall magnificence of the place.


Khajjiar: It is an ideal excursion from Dalhousie that is located at a distance of 27km from the main town. It has a small lake with island lying in the middle and a temple with the statue of Khajjinag deity having golden dome. This is considered to be an ideal picnic spot because of its surrounding awe-inspiring beauty.

Kalatop: It is an excellent view point that stands at a height of 2440 mtr and at a distance away of 8km away from main town. This picturesque picnic spot is considered apt to check out snow kissed mountain peaks and the beauty of rugged dense forests.


Dayankund: It is a tall and towering peak standing at a height of 2745 mtr. Located at a distance of 10km from the main city, this panoramic mountain peak offers excellent view of three main rivers in India- Ravi, Chenab and Beas- on a clear day.

Subhash Baoli: This is an ideal picnic spot that has been named after a renowned freedom fighter by the name of Subhash Chandra Bose. It is said that he used to drink water from this place while staying amidst beautiful mountain ranges and the picturesque town of Dalhousie.

subhash baoli
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