Honeymoon in Daman and Diu

The picturesque sunset, tranquil atmosphere and beauty lying in the beholder's eyes is the perfect idea to describe the sweetness of Daman and Diu. Both are union territories that located on the southern end of Gujarat. Distance between two places is around 786 km and both the places offer numerous sightseeing options that would give peace to the senses. In fact, it is a paradise on earth that has striking views of the beautiful sight seeing options. Both Daman and Diu have excellent touring ideas for honeymooners that will take them on a heavenly swing.

Places to See in Daman:

Damanganga Tourist Complex: It is known to the ideal place for honeymoon couples as they can take pleasure in sitting at side by the giant waterfall, take a tranquil walk through Island gardens, enjoy water sports, have fun at amphi theatre, take a look at the sweet fountain and satisfy their taste buds at the available restaurant with multiple cuisines. At this tourist complex, one can spend the entire day doing several pleasurable things.


Light House: This is a towering monument that is located inside the fort and provides excellent view of the sunset to the tourists standing at Daman Ganga River Bridge. It was built with the idea to provide clear guidance to the sea traffic in times of erstwhile rulers.

Fort of Moti Daman: It is a huge fort, whose history dates back to 1559 A.D. Spread in the area of 30, 000 sq. mts with 10 Bastions and two gateways; it is protected by a moat on the land side that also connects river with the sea. The couple can check out various palaces, secretariat and other official buildings present within the premises of the fort. In fact, numerous Portuguese families are also residing inside it.


Church of Bom Jesus: The Bom Jesus Church is an artifact symbolizing the inimitability of Portuguese architecture. It was built in 1603AD and has exquisite art of artists that is apparent in the elaborate carvings seen here. It is decorated with supercilious ceilings, and closely carved doorway adding to the beauty of the Church. At the time of Portugal rule, this was known as Parish Church.

Fort of St. Jerome: It is a well known destination for the honeymooners, which has a major attraction in the form of a huge gateway facing the river, along with a tall statue of St. Jerome, who was one of the most renowned and scholarly priests of that time. The chief building inside the fort is the magnificent church of Our Lady of the Sea. This Catholic Church is one of the olden seats of office and has a fine altar with terrific paneling. The ramparts and parapets provide an exciting view of the fish market and the flotilla of fishing boats neatly anchored alongside.


Somnath Temple: It is an important place of worship in Daman and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Being built in the Chalukya style, it is decorated with flowers, gold and silver adornments. It has a stone "Kalash", which is placed atop Shikhara and weighs 10 tonnes. It is believed by the residents that Moon made this temple in Gold; later Ravana re-constructed it with silver; then, Lord Krishna by Wood and finally Bhima, one of the Pandavas, constructed this by stones.

Church of Our Lady of Remedios: Church of The Lady of Remedies in Moti Daman has a history that dates back to the 16th Century. It has exceptional architectural features, which are half Gothic style and also somewhat Byzantian. It has a wide hall of prayer showcasing beautifully carved figures that will leave honeymoon couples stunned at their splendor.

Church of Our Lady

Church of Our Lady of Rosary: Church of 'Our Lady of the Rosary' was constructed in the 17th century and is well known for the woodwork. The ceiling of the church has the ability to astonish honeymoon couples with beautiful rose petals being brilliantly colored. Also, golden cherubs or figurines tend to augment the beauty of the church. Another attractive point in this church is the various illustrations of the stories from the lives of the holy saints that can be seen on the lateral walls. It has the distinction of being amongst the most reputed works done under the Portuguese influence.

Places to See in Diu:

Fort of Diu: Built by Portuguese in the year 1535 A.D, this fort is one of the most beautifully designed ones in India. This fort offers a breathtaking view of Diu city and the nearby areas. The decoration and the architecture, including its interiors, are excellent way for the honeymoon couples to come close to the Portuguese art and culture.

diu fort

Zampa Waterfall and Gateway: Zampa Gateway is the major foyer to the Diu city wall. It is sited between the doorway in the west and the vast fort lying in the east. The couples can visit a beautiful chapel built around AD1702, which is present just inside the gate. Manmade Zampa waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions here. Honeymoon couples can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere amidst scenic views. The history of Zampa Gateways can be traced back to medieval time. Adding glory to the walls and gateway is meticulous carvings of lions, angels and priests.

St. Paul's Church: The side of Diu town facing the fort has island's last residual fully-functional church called St Paul's. Built in the year 1610, the church boasts off a brilliant baroque portico and an extremely superior class selection of wooden panel and furniture used for decorating the church, which also include a profligately engraved 400 year old pulpit.

Paul's Church

Fortress of Panikotha: This grand tombstone of Diu is located in the middle of a sea. A fort carved out of stone is around a marine mile from the mainland Diu. Tourist boats are without difficulty available for travel to Panikotha. At this place, the honeymooners can enjoy exotic sunset and view of the sparkling sea ahead.

Gangeshvar Temple: As per old stories of Mahabharata times, the Pandavas used to worship Lord Shiva here throughout their banishment. The temple has 5 Shiva lings that make it a very consecrated and honored place. This temple is located just 3 kilometers away from the Jethubai Bus terminus of Diu.


Jama Masjid: It is a beautifully designed prayer hall, which can lodge about 500 people. This hall is also known as Sunnat Jamaat Kharawad Masjid.

Sunset Point: This is the ideal place for honeymoon couples to sit and enjoy the exotic view overlying before them. It is located near INS Khukri. It is also known as lover's point.

Sunset Point
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