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Honeymoon in East India

Best Time to Visit : In order to make the honeymoon an ever cherishing moment, the couple have to plan a lot of things. Among them is the weather conditions and best time to visit the particular place. Starting from Sikkim, the best time to check out the Buddhist state is between March to June and September to December. The weather is quite pleasing during this time slot and honeymooners can enjoy their holiday to the best. After Sikkim, its Darjeeling that is famous honeymoon spot in East India. The ideal time to take pleasure in the walks around lush green valleys is March to May and September to November. It is because the remaining time sees heavy rainfall making holidaying here difficult.

Guwahati is also among the most sought after honeymoon destinations in East India. The perfect time to sense the fragrance of the freshness prevailing in Guwahati is October to April. Along with Guwahati, honeymooners can also look for Shillong and Arunachal Pradesh as honeymoon destination options. In Shillong, the couple can enjoy their holiday to the best between March to April and October to November. While in Arunachal Pradesh, the best time to indulge in scintillating atmosphere is mid March to Mid June and Mid September to Mid December. After all, considering weather conditions is an essential part of a memorable honeymoon.

Another awesome destination in East India for honeymooners is Nagaland. The best time to visit this exotic location is between September to April and foreigners need to take area permit for visiting this place. Though East India has heavy rainfalls; still, the weather conditions are such that this makes it possible for the honeymoon couples to visit during any time of the year. All they need to do is necessary preparation according to the climatic conditions.

Getting Away to East India: The North Eastern part of India has some of the most spectacularly looking destinations, which offers excellent honeymoon options to the newly wed couples. In fact, reaching at various destinations in this region has become quite easier with lots of flights and trains present. What makes it an ideal place is that it is easily accessible through these modes that take quite a less time in making honeymoon couples a friend of nature.

east india

Weather in East India : Climatic conditions in East India are quite varied in its nature. From heavy rainfalls to dry tropical, sub tropical and humid, the honeymoon couples can enjoy numerous facets of weather. Starting from Assam, this destination is well known for its rainy weather and the existence of humid level in the air. The honeymooners can take pleasure in the walks by feeling the coziness of each other in the coldness of Assam. Biding goodbye to Assam, it is Arunachal Pradesh that attracts the honeymooners on the next front. This East Indian state is marked by changes of weather according to the Himalayan altitudinal difference. The weather is hot and humid on lower altitude with temperature going max to 40 degree. On the other hand, it becomes slightly cold in winters with temperature dropping down to 15 degrees.

Coming to Meghalaya, the weather is quite pleasing with slight monsoon and it is neither too hot nor too cold. This is the ideal place for honeymoon couples as they can come here at any time during the year. Now, it's the turn of Nagaland and the weather here is pleasant throughout the year. Though, the rainfall keeps occurring throughout the year with heavy from June to September and lower in other months. From here on, it comes to Sikkim that has excellent weather with cold winds blowing all through the year and rains making the atmosphere wet. This would be definitely the right place for honeymooners to check out heavenly environment on earth.

The varied changes in the climatic conditions of East India make it possible for the honeymoon couples to enjoy different aspects of seasons. In fact, they can take pleasure in walking around the valleys during monsoon season and experience the freshness of the atmosphere. The newly married couples can keep umbrellas and raincoats during their visit to Eastern region of India. Along with this, woolens and cotton clothes can also be kept according to the weather condition of the place to be visited.

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