Honeymoon in Jammu Kashmir

Kashmir is known to be the heaven on earth with scintillating atmosphere, plush valleys, "shikhara rides", excellently furnished houseboats, blue mountain ranges and a sense of being in paradise. This celestial destination gives numerous opportunities to honeymoon couples to hold each other hands while sauntering on the curved paths, leaning on each other's shoulders while relaxing on the hilltop and murmuring romantic talks into each others ears while taking pleasure in a ride on the shikhara at Dal Lake. The snow kissed mountain peaks would enable the couples to fall in love with the incomparable beauty of this honeymoon destination. Some of the exotic destinations that would quench the thirst for nature's essence are:

Sonmarg: Famous as "Golden Meadows" and situated at a height of 2730 mtr, this picturesque place has some of the most spectacular looking views of Great Himalayan Ranges. The honeymoon couples can sit alongside Sindh River and feed in the beauty of surrounding areas. They can also take a pony ride towards Thajiwas Glacier. It is considered to be the major trekking area that enables the honeymoon couples to have some adventure too.


Pahalgam: Known as the "Valley of Shepherds" and located at a height of 2130 mtr, this scenic place is located at the convergence of water from Sheshnag Lake and Lidder River. It offers breathtaking views of the adjustant valleys and calm water of rivers. The rolling meadows of Baisaran surrounded by thick forests and Hajan are ideal picnic spots to enjoy the Kashmir in its full splendor.

Gulmarg: Cherishingly known as "Valley of Flowers", Gulmarg is a famous place among honeymoon couples. It is the aromatic atmosphere of this place that makes the couples fall in love with it. Besides being the home to picturesque villages and rich emerald greed valleys, it boasts of world's highest green golf course that stays at a height of 2650 mtr with country's premier ski resort.


Dal Lake: Situated in Srinagar, it is known to be the largest natural lakes in the world with a distance covering up to 75 sq.km. But, this has reduced to 12 sq.km now because of numerous hotels, building and resorts being built up around Dal Lake. The honeymoon couples can also experience the luxury of staying in houseboats with various kinds of modern facilities. A Shikhara ride in this lake is definitely going to take the couples in a heavenly world with lush green beauty all around.

Nagin Lake: It is famous among tourists as "Jewel in the Ring" with highly impressive surroundings. The deep blue water of the lake makes it look strikingly beautiful. It is an ideal place for doing swimming and trying hands at water skiing, which would enable the honeymoon couples to enjoy a complete day at this scenic location.

Nagin Lake

Shalimar Bagh: It is the most beautiful garden in Srinagar, which was constructed by Emperor Jahangir or his beautiful wife named 'Nurjahan' in 1616. This garden is also known as the monument of love that has four terraces wit highest terrace to be called as 'Abode of Love' meant for king and royal ladies. It also has breathtaking 150 fountains adding to the overall beauty of the garden with various species of flowers too.

Nishat Bagh: This picturesque garden was made by Nurjahan's brother called Asaf Khan. It was set up 1633 and is one of the largest Mughal gardens in Srinagar with numerous rare species of flowers, plants and other natural artifacts. It also overlooks amazing Zabarwan hills providing excellent view of Dal Lake also.

Nishat Bagh

Pari Mahal: It is an ancient old monument in Srinagar that speaks about the magnificent architecture of the gone eras. Previously, it was a Buddhist monastery and was later on served as astrology center run by Shah Jahan's son named Dara Shikoh. This garden has excellent varieties of flowers and fruits that would spellbind the honeymoon couples.

Hari Parbat Fort: This is a marvelous fort, which was built by Mughal Governor named Atta Mohammad Khan in 18th century. And the long walls stretching and surrounding the hill was built by Akbar The Great in 1590. The fort is an important historical monument in Srinagar and the couples have to obtain permission from Archeological department to visit this marvel.

Hari Parbat Fort

Hazratbal Mosque: It is a beautiful and important pilgrim site for Muslim built in white marble on the western banks of Dal Lake. The honeymoon couple can view the image of mosque being reflected in the lake's water with surrounding hills, making it a memorable moment. In fact, the mosque is famous because it enshrines the "hair of prophet Mohammad's beard", which is shown to the public at every Friday prayers.

Jama Masjid: It is an ancient mosque, which is well known for excellent Islamic architecture. The present mosque was built in 1674 without any topped dome. Its main attraction is the prayer hall with numerous pillars built by a single piece of Deodar Trunk.

Jama Masjid

Shankracharya Temple: Being built by Jaluka, son of Emperor Ashoka in 200 BC, this ancient shrine is situated on the top of Shankracharya Hill. It is located 1100ft above the city and offers panoramic view of snowy Pir Panjal mountain range. It is also believed that Saint Shankracharya visited this place while coming to Kashmir for revitalizing Sanatan Dharam.

Vaishno Devi Temple: It is one of the most important Hindu shrine in the world. Dedicated to "Maa Shakti" with three small statues emerged from earth, this temple is being visited by the devotees throughout the year. The temple is located near the town of Katra, from where the travel to this holy shrine begins. After visiting this holy temple, one has to visit Bhairavnath temple also, without which the "Yatra" remains incomplete.

Vaishno Devi Temple

Amarnath Shrine: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this holy shrine is famous among all religious sects. The attraction of this shrine is a Shivling that gets built up on its own with Ice. It is a cave pilgrim, which is visited by thousands of devotees every year. As per legends, Lord Shiva narrated the story of being immortal to Goddess Parvati that was being heard luckily by two pigeons. Even today, a pair of pigeons is seen in and around the cave.

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