Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar

Scenic beauty, picturesque valleys, exquisite waterfalls, pious atmosphere and tranquility reigns in the hill station of Mahabaleshwar. It is one of the most favored hill stations by honeymoon couples on western front of India. The captivating environment of this place is bound to gratify the senses of the newly wed couple. In fact, they can take a walk around the lush green valleys, sprinkle water on each other by enjoying a dip in the waterfall or drench the soul with religious hymns at the temples. Serenity prevails in the atmosphere of Mahabaleshwar and honeymoon couples can enjoy a perfect retreat away from noisy places. Some of the most preferable sightseeing options are:

Catholic Church: Among the religious places as sightseeing options in Mahabaleshwar, this old Roman Catholic Holy cross church is a must visit place. What makes it famous among tourists is its remarkable architecture and designer stained-glass windows that has enough attraction to spellbind the onlooker.

Catholic Church

Mount Malcolm: John Malcolm was a General of British Troops and came to Mahabaleshwar in 1828. He was so stunned by the beauty of this place that he built one of the most famous buildings in 1829 that was named after him as Mount Malcolm. It has the captivating power because of its stupendous architectural skills, which still mesmerizes the visitors with inevitable appeal.

Pratapgarh Fort: This artistic style fort was built by legendary Chatrapati Shivaji in 1656 to stay in command of opposition rulers of Javali Basin. Being a must visit place in Mahabaleshwar, this scenic fort is also the witness to historical battle that took place between Chatrapati Shivaji and Afzal Khan (Ruler of Bijapur Sultanate).

Pratapgarh Fort

Lodwick Point: A peaceful tourist place standing amidst two deep gorges and overlooking at mesmerizing views of the spread valleys; Lodwick point is quite an interesting sight to be enjoyed by honeymoon couples. Its narrow pathway would take the couple on a carriage ride through slightly dense forests, giving a wonderful experience. A 25ft tall column erected in the memory of Lord Lodwick is the main highlight of this place.

Arthur Seat: Located at a height of 1470 mtr, it is one of the most beautiful points of Mahabaleshwar. This place has been named after Arthur Mallet because he was the first person to come in Mahabaleshwar and built a house. Apart from this, it offers a clear view of geographical differentiation of Deccan and Kokan.

Arthur Seat

Elphinestone Point: This scenic point offers exotic views of Koyna valley and other lusciously green plains. Feeling the freshness of nature, the honeymoon couples can also enjoy the Ravine that lies between Arthur point and Elphinestone point. Another factor that drives the tourists to this place is that river Savitri originates from here.

Elephant's Head Point: Being the extreme end of mountain range, Elephant's Head Point has various cliffs that resemble the shape of an elephant's head and trunk. The honeymoon couples can enjoy spectacular views of the overspread valleys having inviting attitude.

Elephant's Head Point

Chinaman's Waterfall: This extensively beautiful waterfall is located at a distance of 2.5 km from Mahabaleshwar. Its scenic surroundings are enough to create romantic atmosphere for honeymoon couples. In the past, people from China used to live here and cultivate the land. It is because of this that the said place has got its name.

Kate's Point: This point is located over the Duchess road at a height of 1290 mtr, which offers scenic views of the valleys. It also provides an opportunity to honeymoon couples to witness the heavenly peaks of Pandavgadh, Kamalgadh and Mandardeo. The couples can take a walk through its serene atmosphere and enjoy the peace prevailing.

Kate's Point

Mahabaleshwar Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple overlooks Mahabaleshwar hills. It is divided between two rooms, out of which one is regarded as God's chamber and other one is known to be central hall. The scenic surroundings add to the glory of this well known temple.

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