Honeymoon in Nagaland

The jewel of North Eastern region of India, Nagaland has some of the most picturesque views of exquisite flora and fauna. In fact, its rich tradition and cultural background makes it possible for the honeymoon couples to feast on the scenic beauty of this place. Its rivers, mountains, adventurous activities and green forests provide an excellent experience to the honeymooners. From mountain climbing to trekking, river rafting, angling and rock climbing, the couples can enjoy it all. In fact, a honeymoon trip to Nagaland can be one of the most memorable excursions. Apart from this, the nature at this state invites the couples to gratify their senses on the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings. Some of the exciting sightseeing options present here are:

Kohima Village: Being the capital of Nagaland, this scenic village houses perfect example of rich tradition and cultural heritage. Its authentic tribal architecture has the power to attract honeymoon couples and give them a chance to come closer to it. The motifs of warriors and weapons made in the homes of villagers signify the fact that they are quite proficient in fighting techniques. It also has a World War II cemetery, where lies the Indian and British martyrs that stopped the Japanese troops to invade this place. Adding four stars to its surroundings are the beautiful valleys offering exotic views to the newly wed couples.

Kohima Village

Japfu Peak: Known to be the highest peak and offers excellent views of Himalayan mountain ranges. It also has a Rhododendron Tree that stands tall at a height of 109 feet and is worth checking out.


Dzukou Valley: This picturesque valleys lies behind the Japfu peak. The fragrant variety of flowers and herb bloom in the summer season, giving a tonic to the watchers and filling their senses with their aroma. And in winters, the streams freeze, which provides a cool trekking option for honeymoon couples.

Dzukou Valley

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuaries: Located close to the Myanmar border, this wildlife sanctuary is a home to rich flora and fauna. It is spread over an area of 642 hectares and receives very high rainfall. Since, the species of flora and fauna is quite rare, the couples can take a look at something that they might not have seen elsewhere.


Dimapur: This place is known as the gateway to Nagaland and enables the honeymoon couples to check out various forms of traditional activities going around. From wildlife sanctuaries to the gardens, it offers to feast every sense of the honeymooners. In fact, the ruins of medieval Kachari kingdom enables the honeymoon couples to take a deep look in the rich traditional culture of Nagaland.

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