Honeymoon in Nainital

Greenery seems to spread its wings in Nainital with the beauty of scenic lakes, lush green valleys and serene walks through the meadows. It offers great view of surrounded mountain ranges and an opportunity to honeymoon couples for enjoying peaceful honeymoon. In order to check out the place comfortably, the honeymoon couples can hire horses also from Bara Pathar. Honeymooners always require such a destination that would create a cozy environment around them so that the love between two people can strengthen the bond. Nainital is that particular destination, which will enable the couples to enjoy a tranquil holiday. Some of the most sought after tourist spots are:

Naini Lake: Surrounded by high mountain peaks, the calm water of this lake offers excellent boating facilities to the honeymoon couples. It is spread within a distance of 3.5km that provides panoramic views of sunrise and sunset. This lake is surrounded by seven hills, which makes it a must visit place.

Naini Lake

Mall Road: It serves as a convergence point between Mallital and Tallital. It is the only commercial center of Nainital, from where couples can carry out shopping. It has now been renamed as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg by the government and offers exclusive view of the overlying mountain ranges.


Naina Devi Temple: This holy shrine was built in 15th century during the Kushan reign and is dedicated to the goddess Naina. It is been visited by locals and tourists to offer heartiest prayers to the said goddess to seek her blessings.

Naina Devi Temple

Tiffin Top: Also famous as Dorothy's Seat, this place is an ideal picnic spot for honeymoon couples to get their packed lunch and enjoy it here amidst beautiful mountain ranges. Located at a distance of 4km from Nainital main city and situated at a height of 2292 mtr, this scenic point is also apt for a beautiful trek.


Cave Garden: It is a group of six caves that is located at a distance of 1km from Sukha Tal and 2km from Mallital. This is s beautiful picnic spot that would take honeymoon couples inside the caves that becomes narrow towards end. The experience while passing these caves is excellent and one can also get to known about the way animals used to live in these caves.

Cave Garden

Naina Peak: Also known as China peak, it is located at a height of 2615 mtr above the sea level that makes it the highest point in Nainital offering exclusive views of the overlying hills. Honeymoon couples can access this peak by enjoying a tranquil trek of 6km.


Hanuman Garhi: It is a religious place that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. The couples can check out a huge statue of Lord Hanuman with a huge golden colored umbrella. Located at a distance of 4km from the main bus stand of Nainital, this religious place overlooks lush green mountain ranges and established in 1950 by Baba Neem Karoli.

Hanuman Garhi

St. John Church: This church is said to be the oldest in town and was christened by Bishop of Kolkata by the name of Daniel Wilson. It was founded in 1844 and is located at a distance of 1,5km from Naina Devi Temple. The interiors and architectural structure of this church is something worth watching.


Kilbury: It is known to be a small town that is located at a height of 2528 mtr above sea level and at a trekking distance of 13km from the main city. This place is surrounded by plush green forests having Pine trees, tall Oak and Rhododendrons, which makes it an ideal place for honeymoon couples to enjoy the company of nature.

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