Honeymoon in Panchmarhi

A honeymoon trip in Panchmarhi would take the couples on a scintillating ride of Satpura mountain ranges, breathtaking waterfalls and tranquil glades. In fact, its ravines create such an exotic atmosphere for the honeymoon couples that they would indulge in the adventurous activities offered by the town. Located at a height of 1067 meters, Panchmarhi is one such hill station that has low lying ranges that tends to engulf the honeymoon couples in its mesmerizing beauty. As per the legends, it is believed that Pandavas lived in the group of five caves that are present here, during their exile time. Some of its exotic sightseeing options are:

Jata Shankar Caves: This pious place of Shaivite tradition has a natural Shiva Lingam resent under the shadow of a huge rock. The stone structure of this natural cavern resembles to that of Sheshnag. Jata Shankar cave is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva hid himself from Devil Bhasmasur.

Jata Shankar Caves

Pandava Caves: It is a group of five caves that was once inhabited by Great Pandavas during their exile time and has been carved out of low hummock. The caves have also been a refuge for some Buddhist monks in the 1st century. Among them, 'Draupadi Kuti' is the clearest and most spacious, and the dark cave is known as the 'Bhim Kothari'.

Bee Falls: It is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Panchmarhi, which is also called as Jamuna Prapat. Its buzzing water falls in a roaring way creating scintillating atmosphere. The bathing pools situated on the top of waterfalls invite the honeymoon couples to enjoy a dip a also walk over the scattered rocks.

Bee Falls

Raj Prapat: It is a huge waterfall with a height of about 350ft and is quite a scenic place. Located at a distance of 10minutes walk through rocks and boulders from Apsara Vihar, the waterfall is also known as Big Fall.

Badey Mahadeo: It is a 60ft long exotic cave, which is associated with a belief that Lord Vishnu's incarnation Mohini killed Bhasmasur at this place. The cave has beautifully carved statues of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh, and Lord Ganesha with Lord Hanuman's statue at the gateway. Badey Mahadeo cave also has a Kund inside it that has chastised water. Another cave near to it is known as Parvati Cave.

Badey Mahadeo

Gupt Mahadeo: This cave is 40ft long and has a narrow pathway through which only 8 people can pass at one time. The access to this cave is possible from inside the Badey Mahadeo. It has the statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha enshrined inside the cave.

Handi Khoh: It is a 300 feet cavernous ravine in V-shape formed by two huge hills. It is said that a British officer by the name of Handi had committed suicide by jumping into the ravine. That's the reason why the ravine has been named after him.

Handi Khoh

Priyadarshini View Point: This is one of the most exotic looking view points in Panchmarhi, from where Captain Forsyth viewed the captivating beauty of Panchmarhi.

Dhoopgarh: It is the highest point n Panchmarhi, which stands proud at a height of 4429ft above the sea level. This place offers excellent view point to mesmerizing sun rise and scintillating sun sets that are extremely breathtaking.


Duchess Waterfall: It is the scintillating waterfall that creates a romantic atmosphere with pearl white water crushing down with roaring sounds and throwing droplets on the visitors' face. The waterfall comes rolling from a height of more than 100ft and requires a 4km trek to reach the first cataract.

Chauragarh Peak: This is a scintillating mountain peak that stands proud at a height of 1326 meters, which offers exotic view of dense forests and lush green valleys. It is a pilgrimage site that has a huge idol of Lord Shiva. The honeymoon couples need to take up nearly 1250 steps to visit this holy place.

Chauragarh Peak
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