Honeymoon in Shillong

Being the capital of "House of Clouds" (Meghalaya), Shillong is known for its splendid views. In fact, nature plays in its youth form at Shillong with an access to waterfalls, lush green mountain ranges, dense forests, shopping arcades, mouth watering delicacies and a serene atmosphere. Well, this beautiful town is also home to various forms of flowers that would enable the honeymoon couple to enjoy a scintillating holiday. Taking a walk through its valleys, experiencing the richness of forests, feeding the senses on aromatic variety of flora and ferns and having a dip in sparkling waterfalls, the honeymoon couples can surely be the special guests of nature at Shillong. Some of the awe-inspiring sightseeing options at this mesmerizing place are:

Umiam Lake: It is also called a Barapani (Big Water), which is located at a distance of 15 km from the town. Offering adventurous water sports, such as water scooting or cycling, kayaking, boating, this picturesque lake also has a hydro-electric dam built across the rive stream. The couples can quench their thirst for experiencing the excitement of water sports and record the moments in their video cameras.


Shillong Peak: Standing tall at a height of 2000 mtr above sea level, this is known to be the highest mountain range in Shillong. It offers breathtaking view of the nearby plains. Indeed, the honeymoon couple can dive into the beautiful views around them.

Sweet Falls: Falling from a height of 96 mtr, this waterfall is well known for its roaring water. It is a perfect picnic spot to enjoy local delicacies and the activity of splashing water on each other.

sweet falls

Elephant Falls: Located at a distance of 10 km from the city, this waterfall offers an exclusive sight where the water column makes its way and capitulates to gravity at two consecutive locations. The huge stream gathered just at the summit comes booming down the landscape and spring back only to cover a short distance and dive into an overwhelming gorge.

Beadon Waterfall: It falls from a whooping height of 100 mtr and is surrounded by luxuriant forests. The gushing water of the fall offers breathtaking views of the valleys around it and also an enjoyable half day trek with your beloved.


Bishop's Waterfall: Called to be the twin brother of Beadon waterfall, it roars down in the same escarpment into the ravine. As the water plunges down, its sprinkling water forms a beautiful rainbow stretching across the gamut. The pool formed at the feet f this waterfall makes it possible for the honeymoon couples to enjoy a dip or just put their feet and sit to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Wards Lake: It is an artificial lake, which offers nice walk through lush green gardens surrounding it and also scenic boat rides. This would enable the newly married couples to feast their eyes with mystic nature.

wards lake

Butterfly Museum: Quite unique in its kind, this museum houses some of the rarest species of butterflies and moths. The couple can take a look at their breeding and raring system as this museum has turned out to be a full fledged anthology center for these delicate beings.

Lewduh Market: Also known as Bara Bazaar, this marketplace is well known for traditional and local stuff that represents Meghalaya with its true culture. The honeymooners can fill their bags by buying some of the exceptional forms of art that are specified to this particular state only.

lewduh market
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