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Honeymoon in South India

Best Time to Visit : A honeymoon towards Southern part of India is definitely be a romantic getaway with scintillating beauty scattered all over, be it beaches, dense rain forests, roaring waterfalls, calm rivers or inviting mountain ranges. Each and every city or state falling in Southern region has its own varied form of climate that makes it essential for the honeymoon couples to plan out certain things to take back every loving memories of a new life. While visiting to Kerala, one does not have to worry about the climate much as it is pleasant throughout the year. Still, the time slot falling between October to April is considered to be apt for visiting "God's Own Country" as this has the best weather conditions.

Another honeymoon destination that takes couples on a majestic ride is Karnataka. The weather of this magnificent state falls on the warmer side, which enables the honeymoon couples to plan a trip here from October to March. As the short winter season in this region does not create chilly cold atmosphere, the couples can take pleasure in exploring its wonderful sights. From here on, it's the turn of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Being loved for turquoise colored sea water and tranquil beaches, these groups of islands can be best visited within Mid January to Mid May and also from September to November. It is because the sea is clear and honeymoon couples can take a proper look at underwater marine life.

Now, Lakshadweep can be best visited throughout the year as the weather is always clear and pleasant that enables the honeymooners to select this as their love destination. From Lakshadweep, let us come to Tamil Nadu that enables the honeymoon couples to have a holiday of their choice. Whether it is about beaches, temples, churches or soaking in the historical past of the state, couples can enjoy every bit of their visit to Tamil Nadu. The ideal time to check out this state is between November to march, when the weather conditions are absolutely suitable to create heavenly atmosphere for love birds. So, every part of Southern India has its own specialty and climatic conditions that attracts tourists in their peak months.

Getting Away to South India: South Indian front welcomes the honeymoon couples with lush green valleys, roaring waterfalls, scintillating backwaters and serene atmosphere. Reaching to different parts of South India has become quite easy with various modes of transport available, such as trains, air planes, ship and even buses. In order to enjoy the scenic beauty spread all over southern part of India, the honeymoon coupes can reach to their preferred destination without any hassles.


Weather in South India : The climatic conditions in Southern part of India vary according to the closeness of city towards equator. Still, the rainfall and other changes also affect the weather conditions to a large extent. In fact, the basic climatic condition of Southern front is tropical. Thar Desert and Himalayan mountain ranges affect the Indian climate to a large extent. As maximum part of south India falls in the category of tropical semi-arid steppe climate, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh receives maximum rainfall that ranges between 400 to 750 millimeters. The summers, basically, stays from March to June; while, the winters last from October to January.

Talking about Tamil Nadu, it has excellent tropical climatic conditions that initiate the way for summer from April to May. The temperature in the summers shoots up to 40 degree centigrade with nights slightly cooler because of swift sea breezes blow in. While, the winters start in October by holding the hands of rainfall and last till February. So, temperature drops to a minimum of 20 degrees, with 5 degrees in extreme conditions. On a whole, the state of Tamil Nadu is an excellent place to visit. All a honeymoon couple needs to do is prepare as per the prevailing weather conditions.

Coming from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka, the temperature here is slightly better than any other state in Southern India. Its climate falls in the category of typical tropical with northern and central parts experiencing hot weather in the months of April and May. Within these months, the recorded temperature shoots to only 35 degrees at max. On the other hand, winter happens to fall in the month of November and continues till February. The weather in these months is not much of a cold nature and rainy season arrives within June to September.

Now, it is the Kerala region in southern part, which experiences pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year. Though also having tropical climate, the summers stay on between April to June that displays temperature around 33 degrees. While, the temperature in winter drops to 20 degrees; monsoons are happening between June and September. Since the weather is extremely favorable, Kerala can be visited throughout the year.

The climate of Andaman and Nicobar Islands falls in the category of tropical with islands located in Torrid Zone. It, generally, experiences two weather types, summers from January to April and Rainy from May to December. The average annual rainfall can be recorded as 3000mm in the group of all these islands. Apart from this, another island called as Lakshadweep experiences tropical humid and warm climatic conditions. The rainy season here lasts from May to October that keeps the climate equivalent throughout the year. Though, the rise in the temperature is slight only; still, April and May are the hottest months with temperature rising up to max of 35 degrees. And between October to March, the winds are on a cooler side. So, this makes it possible for the honeymoon couples to do necessary preparations before heading on to their favored destination in Southern India.

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