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Honeymoon in Taminadu

The state of Tamil Nadu has a place for every visitor, who might wish to have a religious honeymoon, romantic getaway or simply laze around beaches. This place is full with magnificent past and superb present, prosperous heritage and exotic lifestyle, legendary monuments as unspoken witnesses of the passing time and very appealing innate beauty is the perfect place to kick starts the beginning of new phase of life. It is the rich cultural background that has enabled people to visit this spectacular state. What makes the visit more interesting is the traditional Bharatanatyam performance that honeymoon couple can check out at theatres.

Ooty: Beauty lies at the feet of nature in Ooty, which is known to be one of the popular honeymoon destinations in India. The scintillating atmosphere, rich green valleys, overflowing waterfalls, curvy roads, calm lakes and excellent weather conditions makes it a place to check out. In fact, all these factors contribute towards making the honeymoon journey more adorable than one might have thought. Also known as Ootacamund, this natural beauty lying amidst Nilgiri hills is a place to spend some private time with your beloved and give way to a romantic life. Some of the choicest sightseeing options are:


Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary: It is the house of rich flora and fauna, which offers excellent views to the honeymoon couples. Apart from this, the couples can catch a glimpse of tiger, sambar, chital, barking deer, flying squirrel, elephants and leopards. In fact, the Elephant Camp within the premises of this wildlife sanctuary is quite appreciative as the couples can take elephant rides here. It is located at a distance of 67km from Ooty and is known to be the ideal place to spend entire day.

Kalhaty Waterfalls: The roaring waters and the sparkling surroundings are enough to speak about the majestic beauty of Kalhaty waterfalls. Falling from a whooping height of 100ft, this milky waterfall seems to take the breath away because of its mesmerizing surroundings. Located at a distance of 13km from the city, the way of waterfalls also enables honeymoon couples to explore the magic of Kalhatty-Masinagudi where species of sambar, panther, wild buffaloes and bison can be seen clearly.


Dolphin's Nose: The Dolphin's nose is a grand vantage point that provides an excellent view of the neighboring areas. It is an ideal picnic spot for enjoying outdoor games. On a day when sky is clear, honeymoon couple can also enjoy the sight of Catherine waterfalls.

Mukurthi: Located at a distance of 36km from the city, this sacred peak is known to be the place, from where the souls of the dead people move on to the next world. The striking beauty of the place increases with the kind of flora and fauna present here that resembles that of Himalayan mountain ranges.

mukurthi national park

Avalanche: It falls 28 km away from Ooty. Different from its name, which invokes scenes of annihilation and desolation, the place is a paradise for nature lovers. This picturesque lake, which is idyllic for fishing; still, it is essential to acquire permission before hand. Avalanche is also the great place to enjoy bird watching and a peaceful afternoon.

Ooty Lake: This beautiful lake was built in 1825 and is 2.5km long. Enjoying a boat ride with fishing activities is the best thing a honeymoon couple can do, besides feeding on the striking beauty of surrounding valleys. It is always mandatory to take the permission to carry out fishing from the department there.

ooty lake

Dodabetta Peak: Standing at an altitude of 2623 mtr, it is said to be the highest peak in the district and is just 10km away from the city. On a clear day, the couples can also take a look at the plains of Coimbatore and flat highlands of Mysore from here, along with scenic valleys lying below.

Kodanadu's View Point: It is 16km away from Kotagiri town and falls on the eastern side of Nilgiri mountain ranges. This place offers excellent views of tea estates and Moyar River. Apart from this, the honeymoon couple can also check out a watch tower that overlooks Rangasamy mountain peak.


Coonoor: It is the second most popular hill station in Nilgiri mountain ranges and is located at a distance of 17km from Ooty. Standing at a height of 1839 mtr, it offers excellent picnic spots and romantic getaways for newly wed couples.

Kodaikanal: Known to be a romantic place for honeymoon couples offering breathtaking views of overlying lush green valleys, curvy slopes, thick palm groves, rich paddy fields and perfumed spice plantations would create a perfect atmosphere to bow the seeds of love. The fruit orchards are always seen standing on the welcome gate to invite honeymoon couples in an aromatic way. In fact, a peaceful boat ride in the lake would enable the couples to shake hands with nature and be a friend. Some of the excellent tourist destinations available in Kodaikanal are:


Berijam Lake: This scenic lake is located at a distance of 23km from local bus stand and is famous as an attractive picnic spot. Besides having a look at Bison, leopard and beautiful species of birds, the honeymoon couple can also take a boat ride to meet nature at its best. In order to visit this lake, there is a need to obtain permission from district forest officer as it is not open for general public.

Bear Shola Waterfalls: It is located 1.6 km away from the lake and got its name because in earlier days, the bear used to come and drink water atop the waterfalls. In fact, the waterfalls can be seen in its full splendor during rainy season and honeymoon couples can also enjoy the scenic beauty spread around.

bear shola fall

Solar Observatory: Located at a distance of 3.2 kilometers from the Kodai lake; it is one of those solitary three solar observatories present in the world that is more than 75 years old. Made at a height of 2343 meters, honeymoon couples can have a look into the solar system by booking tickets for the programmed shows.

Green Valley View:Previously known as Suicide point, this place overlooks deep and dense valleys that fall at some 5000ft below. It provides a picturesque view point of surrounding hills, Vaigai dams, plains and lush green hills.

green valley

Kodai Lake: It is known to be an artificial lake, which is spread in the area of 60 acres with lush green plains all around. The Kodai Lake is a preferred spot for all who want to have fun and take pleasure in outdoor activities. Boating along the quaint lake will be a remarkable experience for the honeymoon couples as the boat club offers pedaling and rowing boats with diverse seating capacities at reasonable charges.

Bryant Park: It is a botanical park, which lies on the eastern front of Kodai Lake and has an excellent variety of rafts, flowers and hybrids. Mr. Bryant, a British officer, designed this park in 1980 and that's why the park got its name. The honeymoon couple can enjoy annual flower and vegetable show that takes place here in the month of May.

bryant park

Silver Cascade Waterfalls: It is an unparalleled attraction on Kodaikanal-Madurai road at a distance of 8km. The excess water of Kodai Lake falls from a height of 180ft to form these scintillating waterfalls. Honeymoon couples can take a dip in the falling water at the bottom end and feed on the beauty of nature.

Kurinji Andavar Temple: This temple is a consecrated place where the leading idol is Lord Murugan. It is situated about 3.2km away from the Kodai Lake. In Tamil prose, "Kurinji" means "Hilly Region" and "Andavar" means God. It provides exquisite views of the northern plains and Palani Hills.

kurinji andavar temple

Perumal Peak: It is an ideal trekking point and is located at a height of 2440 mtr. Being away at a distance of 11.3km from Kodaikanal, the honeymoon couples can enjoy the scintillating beauty of striking valleys around by experiencing some adventure through treks.

Chennai: Being the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai offers extensive opportunities to the honeymoon couples for enjoying holidays in their own manner. Be it a religious outing, beach holiday or insight into historical importance, Chennai welcomes all towards its paradise. Since this metro city is well connected with other parts of India, people can reach it easily by train and air also. From water sports at Chennai's beaches to quiet sermons at beautiful churches, Honeymoon couples can take pleasure in enjoying a memorable honeymoon in Chennai. Some of the important sightseeing options:

The Marina Beach: This spectacular beach has the privilege to be world's second largest beach that stretches to more than 13km of distance. It starts from Fort St. George and extends towards Mahabalipuram. The exotic sight of sunrise and sunset is way beyond one's imagination, which makes it one of the must visit sites in the city. Entire credit of the present beach's beauty goes to Grant Druff, who did its facelift in 1884 and gave it the existing name also. In fact, the surrounding gardens, water sport opportunities and pony rides for kids makes it a perfect picnic spot to spend joyful evenings.

marina beach

Fort St. George: In order to mark their advent in the country for trade purposes, the British constructed the front rampart of the fort in a shape of sailing ship along with the anchor. Being the tallest flagstaff in the state, it also has a light house that was built in 1844. At present, this fort houses the Tamil Nadu state assembly and the secretariat. After getting finished, it showcased the marvel of British architecture in its full splendor.

Crocodile Park: Located at a distance of about 35km from Chennai and established in 1976, this crocodile park rears some of the endangered species of crocodiles, such as American Alligator, Morlet's Crocodile from Mexico, African crocodiles, Dwarf crocodile and Siamese crocodiles. It is spread in an area of 3.2 hectares and takes care of more than 5000 species of crocodiles.

Crocodile Park

Kapaleeshwar Temple: Built in 18th century in Dravidian architectural style, it is considered to be the most sacred place by Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has some of the most spectacular looking painting and carving depicting the legends of that time.

St. Thomas Mount: It was built in 1523AD by Portuguese, who believed that this was the place where Saint Thomas was killed. He was considered as an apostle of Christ, who reached Kerala in 52AD. After that, he traveled to Mylapore to teach gospel, where he was killed while hiding in a cave. The perennial spring flowing nearby is said to have curative powers.

St. Thomas Mount

Thousand Lights Mosque: This beautiful mosque has been built by the Nawab of Arcot in 1880's. The area is spread over 3 acres of land and has a separate place of worship for women. Along with this, it also has a burial ground, a library and guest houses. The place got its name from 1000 oil lamps which are illuminated to light the assembly hall of the mosque.

Valluvar Kottam: This beautiful structure was built in the memory of famous poet saint, Thiruvalluvar that wrote "Thirukkural". It was established in 1976 and resembles ancient Tamil architecture. Famous lines from the said book are inscribed on the granite of the temple, which is regarded as the purest form of human thoughts.

Parthasarthy Temple: Constructed in 8th century by Pallava kings, it is one of the oldest surviving temples in Chennai. It is dedicated to the Lord Krishna, who has been an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The premises proudly displays five incarnations of Lord Vishnu, along with wounded Krishna. Its survival till date is credited to the renovations made by Pandayas and Chola Kings continued to carry out 4 centuries beyond. It is well known for Gopuram (Arched Gateway) and some of the finest art carvings.

Kanyakumari: With beautiful beaches, breathtaking hills, majestic rivers and roaring waterfalls, Kanyakumari is known to be the perfect honeymoon destination providing panoramic views all over. It tends to spellbind the honeymoon couples with a mixture of pleasure and scenic sightseeing options. Honeymoon is one such moment that brings tow heart close and makes two souls as one. So, it is essential to spend the honeymoon vacation at an equally splendid tourist spot. What makes this as an interesting site is that three oceans - Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean meet.

National Art Gallery: Also known as Victoria Memorial hall and built in 1906, it is placed within an Indo-Saracenic structure that has excellent collection of marvelous paintings. The gallery has a fine collection of old paintings and sculptures including Rajput and Mughal miniature paintings, Tanjore paintings on glass, Deccan paintings from 17th century and handcrafts, metal artifacts, and ivory carvings from 11th and 12th century.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial: This place is dedicated to the Father of Nation because his ashes were brought here in 1948 and immersed in the sea at Kanyakumari. During his lifetime, Mahatma Gandhi had visited this pace twice.

Thiruvalluvar Statue: It is the statue of a saint poet, Thiruvallur. Having a height of 38 feet and placed on a pedestal, it stands about 95 feet tall. The pedestal is 3 tier pedestal surrounded by a Mandapa with 10 elephants. Out of these 10 elephants, 2 symbolize the earth and the space; while the remaining 8 represents the directions. For visiting the holy feet of Thiruvalluvar, 140 steps have been made to facilitate the tourists.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial: This is a sacred place as Swami Vivekananda used to come and meditate here. The honeymoon couple can experience a serene and pious atmosphere at this particular place.

Honeymoon in Tamilnadu

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