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Honeymoon in West India

Best Time to Visit : Best time to visit a holiday or honeymoon destination is the slot that allows the couples to take pleasure in each and every corner of the city. In fact, it is the ideal time that requires the couple to make certain preparations as per the destination's demand. The couples are required to plan a lot of things, from clothes to shoes, accessories and numerous other things to take complete enjoyment of the visited destination. Now, the ideal time to visit the scenic island of Daman and Diu is between October to May as the summers also witness cool breezes. It happens to experience excellent weather throughout the year.

From the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, we would travel to Maharashtra that experiences different facets of weather changes. Though, this Maratha state can be visited throughout the year; still, the time slot between October and February is perfect to laze around on the beaches, take a holy visit to temples and shrines or get soaked in the history at legendary monuments. By the time of October, the monsoon had already visited this state and leaves behind pleasant weather to welcome visitors. This type of climatic conditions stays till November, which is followed by winters that are slightly cold and remains till February.

From the proud state of Marathas, we move on to Goa that is known to be the first love of honeymoon couples. Goa has a favorable climate that allows the honeymoon couples or any other visitors to enjoy its beaches throughout the year. It witnesses extensive rainfall during June and September, summers from March to May that are hot and humid, and winters from November to Mach that offers pleasant atmosphere. So, the visitors can opt for winter season that would also enable them to check out Christmas and New Year celebrations with carnivals also. This makes it possible for the honeymoon couples to opt for West Indian destination to enjoy an ever cherishing honeymoon.

Getting Away to West India: The Western part of India has some of the exotic looking destinations that include hill stations, beaches, islands and religiously serene temples. Whether it is Daman and Diu, or any city in Maharashtra or its Goa, the honeymoon couple can quench their thirst for a peaceful honeymoon. In deed, reaching out to the favored destinations in Western region has become easy wit numerous modes of transport, rail, air and even air conditioned buses. It also enables the honeymoon couples to reach the destination within much less time.

west india

Weather in West India : The climatic conditions in western part of India vary as per the region. Ranging between tropical wet and dry, semi arid and tropical wet, the variations enable the tourists to enjoy every part of west India according to climate. Starting from Maharashtra, the weather has somewhat monsoon climate that makes summers at times humid and hot. The winters are slightly cold, which makes Maharashtra being an ideal place for holidaying. Even, the hill stations are not very cold. Its summer season witnesses maximum temperature to 30 degrees, while monsoon lasts from June to September. After that it is the turn of winters to take the hold, which drops the temperature to the minimum of 11 degrees. Maharashtra witness rainfall of 200 centimeter per year that keeps the overall climate pleasant.

From Maharashtra, let us travel to the Union Territory of Daman and Diu. Its climate is generally known to be dry and muggy with soil of barren type. Well, the rainfall at Daman and Diu can be recorded as 540 centimeter annually that makes the climate cool. Even, the hill locks at this place do not have height of more than 30 meters. All this makes Daman and Diu eligible to be visited throughout the year. It is, indeed, a picturesque town that invites the honeymoon couples with open arms. The cool blue waters, apt climatic conditions and relaxing atmosphere create that perfect comfort level for honeymoon couples.

Now, it is the turn of Goa, which is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of India. It is because of the coastal Konkan region and Western Ghats that keep the climate of this place pleasant and sunny. The average temperature falls within the range of 25 to 30 degrees. Rainfall in Goa can be recorded as 325 centimeter in a year that makes it a cool place throughout, except June that records hot summers with maximum temperature reaching around 45 degrees. Be it any part of Maharashtra, the honeymoon here is surely to offer a pleasant experience. All a honeymoon couple has to make certain preparations as per the season they are visiting the required destination.

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